Serbian Prime Minister attacked at memorial of Srebrenica massacre

bosnians angry

Serbian Prime Minister Alexandar Vuvic was attending the twentieth anniversary of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, when he was attacked by an angry croud.

Nebosja Stefanovic, the Serbian Interior Minister alongside the Bosnian President both condemned the violence while Stefanovic also criticised the Bosnians for providing insufficient security precautions at the event.

Stefanovic said, via France24:

“This is a scandalous attack and I can say it can be seen as an assassination attempt. ... Bosnia has failed to create even the minimal conditions for the safety of the prime minister,”

Vuvic attended the event to pay respect to the victims, however he was forced to flee following the incident. Vasiljevic, another Serbian politician also attending, had her glasses broken by a thrown rock.

The event being commemorated was the killing of eight thousand muslims in Bosnia in 1995, however it is denied to be a genocide by the Serbian government, fueling hatred towards the Serbs by muslim Bosnians.

Vuvic’s attendance at the memorial brought mixed feelings. Many people supported his presence.

The Turkish Prime Minister, British Princess Anne, and Jordan’s Queen Noor also attended.

The Srebrenica massacre is a hotly disputed incident. The Bosnian-Serbian ethnic war lasted from 1992 to 1995, with the Srebrenica massacre occurring near the end. This war has been the most recent organised attempt anywhere in Europe to fight off the spread of Islam

Source: France24

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