Russian dissident claims to have ‘uncovered’ Russian troll organisation

fuckwit gets trolled by Russia

The Agency for Internet Studies hires people to post pro-Russian propaganda on the internet.

Lyudmila Savchuk, a thirty-four year old Russian anti-Putin activist, and self declared journalist. She went ‘undercover’ to work for the Agency for Internet Studies, in an attempt to learn more about the already fairly well known organisation. After two months, she wrote an article describing details about the group’s internal workings under a pseudonym. She was found out, and promptly sacked.

She sued the agency for “non-payment of wages” and “failing to give workers proper contracts”, though suggested that these allegations were simply fabrications, her ultimate goal being to raise greater awareness for the “propaganda factory” that they are.

A Russian court forced the Agency to pay her one ruble in damages, roughly the equivalent of one british pent. Nonetheless, she declared her antics a success, having brought the Agency into the media spotlight.

The Kremlin, after an exasperated sigh, reminds the public yet again, that they have ‘no’ association with the group of internet trolls.

Source: theguardian

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