Czech Republic Prepared To Use Army To Repel Migrants

czech uses army against migrants

The Czech Republic has made the case that if the EU were to have a common army, it could better protect itself from the current ‘migrant’ invasion from Africa. Instead, they may be forced to use their own army to protect national interests.

Czech president Milos Zeman has stated a desire for the EU to band together with a common army in order to increase border security from the swarms of travellers looking to set up camp in Europe. He cited the fact that there are only three unarmed ships accompanied with few armed ships patrolling the Mediterranean Sea as reason to bind together and form a collective unit.

A maximum of 2,600 soldiers have been allocated to helping secure the country’s borders should the situation worsen and the police require additional help, according to Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky. The Czech Republic finds itself geographically located between Hungary and Germany, which of course is not ideal given that many, if not all, will be headed to Germany as the final destination. Hungary itself has already received over 100,000 of the invaders and has thus erected fences on the border in a bid to prevent oncoming hordes. The Czechs expect to receive at least 7,000 asylum seekers next year and so will have to find an additional €40 million in their budget to cope with the arrivals.

Czech Finance Minister, Andrej Babis, went on to say that more must be done to prevent them from even leaving their countries of origin and attempting to enter Europe by targeting them at their home countries and warning them that they will be denied entry. He also noted that the majority seek to remain unemployed and collect the benefits European countries have to offer, both social and financial. Furthermore, he suggested a large processing camp be created in order to sort the legitimate asylum seekers from those who simply wish to gain European citizenship.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann was enraged at the attitude taken by countries like Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic states as they refuse to accept their quotas of supposed refugees whilst the rest of us all take what we are given like the fools we are. If there is hope in this situation for Europe, it is the stubborn but correct mindset from these states in refusing to willingly degrade their country and allow it to be taken over, as the rest of Europe appears so willing to do. We must all strive to follow this example and defend our borders, regardless of the cost.

Source: euobserver

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