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Massive military exercise to “prepare Europe for an IS-invasion”


According to the NATO commander Hans-Lothar Domrose the exercise will be held under the artificial threat where muslim fundamentalist attack southern Europe.

The biggest Nato exercise in 10 years with 36.000 soldiers from 30 countries are going to partake in a military exercise against a potential IS invasion.

ISIS and terrorism is a real threat to Europe and it is extremely important that we prepare ourselves to handle a potential attack. However, this all comes across as a smoke screen rather than an actual exercise against terrorism. There simply is no need to involve 30 countries in such an exercise. ISIS doesn’t have the technology or manpower needed for an actual invasion threat.

The most likely reason for this exercise is what Russia, NATO, and non-NATO countries are willing to do under this exercise. It is most likely a training scenario where we have conflict between NATO and Russia. Sadly, there does not seem to be any mainstream media outlets who have asked these questions. But having almost 40.000 troops from 30 countries in an exercise against an IS invasion, is a poor attempt to cover up the real reason. Remember, we are talking about ragtag units who drive around in rusty Toyotas in the deserts.

Source: FriaTider

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