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Russia Deports Suspected Murderer Back To Sweden

Russia has handed Sweden someone accused of murdering an Uzbek dissident in Sweden, 2012.

Greece Receives €5m From Norway To Cope With Refugees

Norway has gifted Greece with €5m to help fund their refugee crisis as they continue to face massive economic uncertainty.

Tsipras forced into election as his party turns against him

After only seven months in office of accomplishing nothing but humiliating himself and his country, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras finally loses majority support of his party, making nothing but a failure of himself.

One third of Britain's ECHR losses are against terrorists

Britain was urged to sever ties with the European Court of Human Rights today as figures showed a third of those who won cases against the UK were terrorists, prisoners or criminals.
The Agency for Internet Studies hires people to post pro-Russian propaganda on the internet.