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Czech Republic Prepared To Use Army To Repel Migrants

The Czech Republic has made the case that if the EU were to have a common army, it could better protect itself from the current ‘migrant’ invasion from Africa. Instead, they may be forced to use their own army to protect national interests.
Aleksandar Vucic, during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel has requested that Germany reduce benefits provided to migrants from the Balkans.

Macedonian border blockade overrun days after being set up

Thousands of migrants trying to get into Macedonia from Greece have been allowed through, as border guards and riot police found themselves overwhelmed at the quantity.

Chunnel trespasser pleads not guilty

The man who nearly traversed the entire Channel Tunnel from Calais to Kent has pleaded not guilty at his trial.

Macedonia beefs up border security with Greece

After calling in military and army personnel, they were able to grind migration to a near halt along their southern border.