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Remembering Ireland's Easter Rising is pointless

The 100th anniversary celebrations of Ireland’s failed Easter Rising will be about dead people. I’m a lot sadder about the dead spirits.

Postive reminder: We are strong!

TEG wanted to share a few videos and images to remind us that Europe as we know it as, is not completely gone. 

Irish Gay marriage referendum appeal brought to Supreme court

The Supreme Court has received two applications for leave to appeal in the cases seeking to review the outcomes of the Marriage Equality referendum.

Postive reminder: We are strong!

There has been a negative force bringing us together. Everyday we see horrible news about the invasion that is spreading across Europe. Once divided, we are now growing into one positive force! Protests, positive videos, and even memes are helping to encourage us once again to be proud of our ancestors and homelands. Politicians and the EU have failed Europe in attempting to make us accept multiculturalism and we have had enough.

Britain’s Curry Worries

Due to a lack of chefs, as many as two curry restaurants are closing per week.