Campaign posters destroyed by angry far left civilians in Sweden

sorry for the mess

Campaign posters by the centrist Sweden Democrats party which described Sweden as a ‘mess’ were torn down by members of the public.

The Sweden Democrats campaign focuses on the issue of begging in Sweden. Recently a phenomenally wealthy country, begging by ethnic minorities is a new phenomenon in Sweden, which has begun to alarm many people. Though a ban on begging is popularly supported, Swedish Prime Minister makes it clear that that will not happen.

As usual, members of the far left in Sweden have been confused at the posters, unsure of how to react, other than the immediate declaration of racism. Many have complained about the posters, some even baffled as to how such a racist claim could have been approved for the Stockholm subway.

Of course, the go to reaction for many people was to simply tear down the posters. Liberals worldwide have the self declared objective right of unchallenged speech, giving them personal justification for the blatant silencing of any disagreeing opinion. The destruction of these campaign posters is clear demonstration of that.

This silencing is the Liberals’ only tactic. They tear down the posters because they don’t know how else to criticise them. How on Earth has such a primitive and inadequately expressive ideology spread so fiercely?

Source: BBC

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