Italy to ask the EU to process immigrants in Libya


With thousands of immigrants arriving on the Mediterranean nation’s shores each week, Italy has been hit harder than most of Europe. However, PM Matteo Renzi has warned of a secret plan to “hurt” Europe if they do not support Italy in this crisis.

While he gave no details of the plan, Mr Renzi said, “If Europe chooses solidarity, good. If it doesn't, we have Plan B ready. But it would first and foremost hurt Europe.” Some have suggested that Italy would stop contributing to the European Union’s budget if aid demands are not met. The Interior Minister, Angelino Alfano, did not reveal any more than his colleague.

I cannot reveal our Plan B...but if Europe is not supportive, it will find itself dealing with a different Italy. We will not accept a selfish Europe.”

Mr Alfano wants a fairer distribution of illegal immigrants in the EU and camps in Libya. The most promising thing that the Minister expressed a desire for was a “serious policy on repatriation”. Libyan politicians would have to reach an agreement or be forced by the UN for such solutions to work.

Nearly 60% of all outsiders reaching Italy are of African origin, so it is essential that they are repatriated as soon as possible. A country reflects its people and vice versa; with so many African nations in the condition they are, their people cannot possibly benefit Italy or Europe.

As the Italian-French and Austrian borders have tightened, migrants merely passing through Italy have been turned back. The re-emergence of border control has caused some refugee groups to protest. Swiss border police spokesman Attila Lardori said that their officers apprehend up to fifty foreigners a day at train crossings.

At Ventimiglia, a location on the border shared by Italy and France, one of the largest protests has taken place. One group criticized France sending the non-natives back, saying, “Paris is treating migrants like parcels to return to sender: it's shameful.”

It is promising that Italy’s government wants to arrange the means to deport these undesirables. More of Europe needs to adopt a similar attitude, and it is with nationalist groups in charge that they will have the power to remain homogeneous. As the popularity of the right wing grows daily, so does the quality of Europe’s future.

Illegal immigrants cause destruction wherever they go, but their outrageous behaviour opens the eyes of the native Europeans that witness it. It is only a matter of time until nationalism is the status quo.

Sources: Business Insider

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