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An unconventional war is being waged on the minds of the masses.  A strict code of thought control, benignly referred to as Political Correctness, has permeated almost every aspect of our society.  This code is enforced by intellectuals, academics, politicians, and special interest groups who benefit from silencing any resistance to their policies and agenda.

The European Guardian is a online news aggregator that focuses on bringing people news and stories from across Europe with the object of opposing Political Correctness with full force by covering topics and news that the "PC Police" do not want the masses to discuss. When it comes to topics such as affirmative action, the LGBT agenda, multiculturalism and diversity, the Islamization of Europe and mass third world immigration, among others. Traditional media often state that they are unbiased but we argue that there is an overwhelming left-leaning bias among European mainstream media. The aforementioned subjects comprise core elements of the radical left's "Sacred Cows", subjects that are immune from rational discourse and criticism.

In short, The European Guardian will serve as the Shield and Spear with which we will attempt to counter the war being waged against our minds.


Our Mission

We are shedding light on the origins of Political Correctness, propaganda and cultural marxism as well as their manifestations within mass media, political parties, and academia.  As staunch defenders of Western Civilization, we consider it our duty to restore the principles of free speech and liberty that our forefathers fought and bled for.

We want to bring change to the current European media establishment, to break up the prevailing left-leaning media oppression that shamelessly attacks anyone daring to stand up to them, by demanding the other side of the story.

We are therefore committed to ensuring that the sacrifices of our ancestors were not made in vain, and that citizens will no longer be frightened to question the destructive path our "leaders" have led us down.  Additionally, as cracks in the foundation of Political Correctness are starting to appear, we  consider it an honour and a duty to assist in the absolute destruction of this nefarious method of mind control.



Our Vision

European nationalists have to band together if we are to stand a chance against the globalists and their sickening agenda, which is perverting our way of life. We aim to be part of this shift that is the rise of the European New Right. By providing a central site which in time will serve all European Nations in their native languages in order to achieve our common goals. That is, first and foremost the halt and reversal of mass immigration and the destruction of our culture and heritage brought upon us by the Cultural Marxists and their 68er puppets. Secondly, the ability of all European nations to regain sovereignty, through the abolishment of the EU.

To achieve these common goals we have to do what the left has been doing for decades, that is to solidarize across our national borders rather than remain splintered into many factions. We need to fight together, make our voices heard and thus reach critical mass. In order to achieve this, we all have to get active, but not just online, but especialy on the street and everyday life. We must no longer self censor to appease the PC Police controlled growd, but speak up, and do so pasionately and with rational arguments. Not with blind hate for those who think different, but with unshakable love for our people, our heritage - for Europa.

The modern world has imposed itself upon our people. It has tamed the soul of the European Spirit; battered it into submission; turned us from warriors to “worriors”, made us believe that we are unworthy and defenceless. But trust us when we tell you, to look inwards. Search your soul, and you will find your warrior spirit, the spirit of a European warrior.

We’ve got the will, passion, conviction and that warrior spirit and we are just getting started. We hope you will join the fight and spread the message, share and promote. Together we can turn the tide in Europe.

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  • Guest - Jan Sobieski

    European 'leaders' need to quit this denial. They are going to destroy Europe. Are they all either fools or malevolent conspirators?

    I found the EG today. Tried to register, password rules too hard, never could succeed. Will tab and post as guest. Glad to find EG today.

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